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  • Intro to Canvas for Teachers

    The Introduction to Canvas at Blake for Teachers is focused on: Modules 1 & 2: - Establishing your Blake Canvas profile and turning down the volume of Canvas notifications; - Connecting your Blake Google Drive account to Canvas; - Communicating with students using Conversations and Announcements in Canvas; - Familiarizing yourself with the Canvas interface, navigation, and the Rich Content Editor; - Creating your home page in Canvas; and - Course settings, and more...

  • Modules are your Besties - Design Your Canvas Experience For Students (and Stay Organized to Boot!)

    Modules are a tool for organizing all course content, handling files, lectures, assignments, discussions, quizzes, and external links. Modules are imperative for helping you organize your "Assignments" so you can selectively copy/import them into your course. Advantages: Taking a few moments to organize modules by weeks or topics will help the student better navigate the course. The content is presented in a linear fashion and the organization is obvious and simple. Modules allow selective release of content based on date and/or progression through material, meaning content can be hidden until a date specified by the instructor. Limitations: The page cannot be visually customized with graphics or media.